I’m sorry, Rudy

I’m sorry, Rudy

I always preferred Rudy over whatsisname to get to the princess first. I mean, the kid had a wrench (before a Hammer Brother took it away).


–Pedro Arizpe

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  1. MYOSR says:


  2. Neomang says:

    Jesus christ, man. That was depressing.

  3. AngelicDirt says:

    I’m Neomang on that one. o.o…

  4. AngelicDirt says:

    “I’m with…” And THIS is why this system needs a preview option. -_-;

  5. Stiffton says:

    Can I be Neomang too?

  6. alkoun says:

    newfound hatred for mario now, ty nice work

  7. Pedro A. says:

    I know, right? So many unsung heroes. Thank you!

  8. Lolwut says:

    why is rudy dead and not the princess?
    He obviously didn’t die from koopas based on the pose hes in.

  9. Pedro A. says:


    According to Mushroom Kingdom lore he died from injuries and blood loss. We may be talking about maybe one or two years of heroes trying to find her until Sir Mario rescued her, so she still was a young lady, just not a teenager anymore.

    Er, I mean…. I don’t know, it’s just a comic. ;)


  10. bob says:

    What game does Rudy came from?

  11. Pedro A. says:

    Well, If he had found the princess he’d be from “Super Rudy Bros.” History is written by the winners…

  12. SilverLazlo says:

    ಠ_ಠ Why!

  13. ChrisB says:

    Ah, the initial comic that brought me to your site. Someone posted it up on funnyjunk I think, but I’m glad that it took me here. I really don’t get the reference, which is somewhat displeasing, seeing as I dislike not knowing more than knowing itself..

  14. Jesse Verge says:

    it makes me kinda lose a little respect for mario